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Insect Based Pet Food: The good, the bad and the ugly!

You may have heard about the recent trend of pet food made with insects rather than animal protein. Although this may sound harsh to you, our pets wont be surprised by this new type of food. After all, both cats and dogs eat bugs by accident and sometimes on purpose. Cats sure love hunting them!

What exactly is insect-based pet food?

Pet food made with insects is not the same as pouring a dead bugs into your animal's bowl. Insects are processed just like meat, so the product looks just like the rest of the food you're used to feeding them.

We care about your pet and our planet.

That's why we prefer to replace meat with sustainable, allergen-free alternatives.

Healthy, tasty and without a carbon footprint!

We all know that insect protein is more sustainable:

Did you know that pets eat 20% of the world's fish and meat?

Livestock farms are one of the leading causes of climate change. Insect protein requires less land and water than farmed meat and produces up to 97% less greenhouse gases.

Switching your pet to an insect-based diet is an excellent way humans can help protect the planet. Because the carbon footprint that each of us leaves annually increases with each passing year.

Dogs and cats like to eat insect food:

The fact is that bugs are the tastiest. The company we've chosen to work with have tested over 20 recipes, conducted many tests with four-legged volunteers, and compared to other meat treats, 90% of dogs chose to eat the insect meal - every time.

  • Insect-based pet food is high in protein (surprise).

  • Insects can provide up to twice as much protein per 100g. compared to beef. Holy cow!

  • Insect protein is hypoallergenic.

Insect-based pet food is a really good alternative for them, especially those suffering from meat and grain allergies. This means less itching and scratching and a lot more pink fartsss (from the dog, anyway).

What are the downsides of feeding my pet insect protein?

They are few and far between (we promise!).

  • Owners can be put off by the thought of insects :)

  • Insects don't have a reputation for being the cutest creatures on the planet, and one of the most common questions we get asked is, "Does your pet food look like insects?" The answer is always the same: Absolutely not. It's just the usual kibbles.

  • Insect protein is still new to the market.

Insect-based pet food is still a fairly new phenomenon, but we know it's here to stay. Compared to other pet foods that have been around much longer, there is less long-term evidence to support the effectiveness of insect protein. However, the current view is very positive about its benefits.

Are you ready to offer a better, cleaner and quality food option to your pet? Take the #bugstastebetter challenge and you'll immediately notice the difference in your pet's skin, fur and movement.

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