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You say! We listen! We deliver!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The best cold pressed dog food. Made in Germany!

You say! We listen! We deliver!

Introducing the best cold pressed dog food - NatureFutter!!!

A small family company located in Germany that makes pet food the right way!

Why we think NatureFutter is the best cold-pressed dog food:

  • thanks to the cold-pressed production with a maximum of 50°C,

  • large part of the natural nutrients remain preserved in the food.

  • sustainable production with own hydro-power

  • it has almost 65% fresh meat when the ingredients are mixed before drying and pressing

  • it is a mono-protein food

  • grain-free and gluten-free

  • no palm oil, no chicken fat

  • sugar free, lactose free

  • highly digestible carbohydrates

  • healthy herbs and vegetables

  • Shelf life -> only 6 months! - that speaks volumes for the quality of the food!

Come to check it out and offer it to your pet :)

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